Saving Mickey

Dear Editors at,

You could not be farther away from the truth! The aim of the page is to save Mickey from being put down and NOT to start a battle between child versus dog; that is what you are doing. You are asking people to choose, whereas the people trying to save Mickey are sympathetic to both – the child and the dog.

Your article says, “Mickey must be euthanized. That should be automatic when any dog attacks and mauls a human. It can no longer live.” What happens when a person is murdered? What happens when a young girl is raped? What happens when a person is attacked by another person? What happens when a human being commits a crime? Must he not be euthanized as well for his brutalities? Let us also keep in mind that while in most cases the human is fully aware of the damage he will cause, an animal is not.

Every individual, no matter how serious the crime, does indeed get a fair trial. So why then must a dog be deprived of one? Is it because he is “just a dog”? If that is the case then this is what I would like to share with you:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

And why must the people who fight on Mickey’s behalf be portrayed as heartless and uncaring? I believe we all feel empathetic towards Kevin. It is truly a tragedy and yes he must be supported. But will you show your support for Kevin by asking for a dog to be put down? What good is it going to do to Kevin?

Human beings are entitled to a second chance when they (knowingly) commit a crime. If animals are governed by the laws humans make, why then must this inequality prevail? In regard to motives; unlike the average human being charged with assault, the dog does not hold a personal grudge against the child, nor was this a pre-mediated incident. The dog (not well taken care of) saw his food being taken away from him and reacted exactly how a hungry dog (or any animal including uncivilized humans) would. Must he be put down then for being a dog?

Mike Tyson once bit his opponent during a boxing tournament. He also said, “I would do it again if provoked. I would do it again under the same circumstances.” (BBC, 1999) What kind of punishment do you think he deserved?

It saddens me that your article portrays animal recues to be a simple matter and insignificant. It also shows your shallow understanding about a rescue operation – its struggles and hardships. If future generations continue to have a mentality like this, we will end up destroying our entire earth. It is not enough to practice equality only among human beings; equality must be practiced among all living beings that we share this planet with.

I personally do believe that Mickey must be given a second chance. He must be given the opportunity to reform just as a human would have been given a chance through parole or probation. In doing so, Mickey would be treated justly.

To all you non-supporters, I genuinely do respect your viewpoint. But take a moment to understand that as supporters of Mickey, we are not against Kevin, neither are we trying to compete by any means, we only want Mickey to have a second chance.

To the 38,000 people and counting who want to save Mickey, thank you for taking the trouble to understand the situation as a whole.

Yes! God bless animal activists… For they do know what they are doing!


You can help save Mickey by following Mickey on Facebook and signing the petition.


To My Beloved Dog


To my beloved dog,

You are terribly missed here on earth and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. But I always knew that your life was shorter than mine and someday we would have to bid farewell.

It was my duty and responsibility to raise you right and look after you well. You were stubborn but funny and I enjoyed every moment of it – thoroughly! But you, you had bigger responsibilities and no amount of food, toys, treats and hugs could ever explain how grateful I am to you for what you taught me.

You seemed perfectly happy with an empty plastic bottle as you were with an expensive doggie chew toy. I realized then that I don’t need the latest phone or designer shoes to make me happy. You taught me that happiness is a state of mind.

You happily came to wake me up every morning and when I refused to get up, you slept next to me. You always let me cuddle you while slowly plotting your way to push me out and take over the bed. You taught me that mundane tasks can be funny; you just need to look at it from a dog’s point of view. You also taught me that in order to succeed, you sometimes need to do things differently.

Punishment meant nothing to you. While it worked wonders on your predecessor, you were the exact opposite. You refused to learn a single thing and did exactly as you pleased, but every time a stranger entered our home you were so different. When the old lady from next door visited, you listened to every ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ command. You never jumped on her and always behaved so politely. And when outsiders showed up you were all so strong and mighty, sitting erect in front of me, ready to attack at the slightest hint of suspicion. Wow!!! Who would have thought that an arrogant pup would turn out to be such a brilliant dog? You taught me to learn people before I react. Never judge by appearance.

You taught me that being myself isn’t about being a certain way all the time; sometimes you need to tone it down, sometimes you need to step it up and sometimes you need to go crazy. But most importantly, you need to know WHEN!!!!

What touches me most is the love you had (and still have) for your family. You always followed us around the house and whenever we were in different rooms you sat in the middle just to tell us that you loved us all equally. You made funny faces and did silly things and wagged your tail hard every time we laughed. We never needed a burglar alarm, a television or a treadmill when you were around; you made up for everything.

Then when you got sick and weak it was our turn to keep you happy and comfortable. We tried to entertain you and even though it was hard for you to wag that stub, you did it to make us feel happy. You tried to play with your toys and chew your chewies to show us that you were still strong. You used to fly down the stairs for your evening walks and had to turn around and wait for me to keep up with you. But those last days, it was you trying to keep up with me. I carried you up the stairs knowing that it may be difficult for you. I knew that was the beginning of the end.

I don’t really know what that stray dog meant to you. You were always so annoyed with him and he always teased you. But those last days, I caught Sandy staring at you as you struggled to walk. I saw the sadness in his eyes; he never ran past you that day and he never wagged his tail – he just sat and stared while you glanced back at him. I will never really know the relationship you two shared but I guess it would be something like Tom and Jerry’s.

Before you left me I asked you to promise to come back in a dream and tell me how you are. I had told you that saying goodbye to you would be my final attempt to put you out of your misery and I needed to know that I was right in doing what I did, that it did really help you and that you were in a better place. I asked you to visit me off and on and to ask Lucky to visit me too. AND YOU FULFILLED MY EVERY WISH!

I nervously waited for you….. And a week after you were gone, you came back to me in a dream as promised. I saw you running around like you used to. You felt no pain and you were so happy. I touched you and it did not hurt. You came to tell me that everything was fine. Weeks later you came back with Lucky and another dog. I guess you finally made some friends. In that dream, Lucky was just a puppy. She was three years when she died and my only explanation was that you are being the older sister and looking out for her. I touched your tummy and your stitches and nothing hurt you. You were at home jumping on the bed and running through the rooms and I was worried you would yelp at any moment but you didn’t. You were perfectly fine! I woke up the next day a happy person knowing that I had made the right choice; that letting you go – though difficult and heartbreaking – was better than seeing you suffer.

Before I end my letter to you, I want to apologize for the times I hurt you and for the times I failed you. I want to thank you for being you and for being there for me and more importantly, I want to thank you for pointing me in the right direction. You have made me stronger, wiser and a better human being. While I still find it difficult to cope at times, you have shown me that a dog’s life doesn’t end on earth; there is so much more on the other side. You have shown me that a Rainbow Bridge does really exist and you are waiting there for me.

While I initially considered not having another dog, I realized that there are so many stubborn brats just like you in high kill shelters and foster homes. They are all lovable, loyal and funny just like you were and they deserve so much more than loneliness and a cold hard ground. I promise to adopt as many as I can manage. This will be my way of showing my gratitude to you.

I will always love you my stubborn brat. Visit me often with Lucky, Kuchu and your friends at the bridge and don’t forget to remember me every now and again.

Hugs & Kisses,

Your playmate and best friend!

Life As We Know It & As It Should Be

Caught up in a fast-paced lifestyle that you are not too sure why you are living? Take a moment to figure it out.

  • Life As We Know It

For most of us life is pretty mundane. You were born, went to school, gained some knowledge, got a job, worked….. worked…… and worked a little more. Some chose to have a family while others found commitment too taxing. Irrespective of the outcome, many of us continued with the same wake up-work-party/relax-sleep kind of lifestyle. And then, when we are old and grey and begin reflecting on life, we realise how much we have really missed out on. The top ten regrets in no particular being:

  1. Not spending enough time with family
  2. Giving up on love too easily
  3. Not speaking your mind
  4. Not going for that dream job
  5. And the dream house
  6. Never resolving a conflict
  7. Not saving up enough
  8. Not being true to yourself
  9. Not staying in touch with with friends
  10. Choosing to be unhappy (weird but true!)
  • The Problem

We are so obsessed with society’s opinion on things that we sometimes fail to pay attention to what is important to us. The truth is simple, we have a hard time being ourselves and find it easier being someone that others want us to be.   We are caught up in the past and the future that we fail to enjoy the present moment. We tend to ignore what can make us happy and focus on what bothers us.

  • Life As It Should Be

Pleasurable! Life shouldn’t be about existing, it should be about LIVING! It shouldn’t be about regrets and negativity.  It should be about enjoying every moment like its your last. It should be about taking chances. It should be about doing the things that make you happy. And most of all, it should be about making a difference. Waking up should be a joyful experience, working should be fun, enjoyment should be pure and relaxation is supposed to bring you closer to yourself.

And then one day when you are old and grey and you look back on the days gone by, the life you have lived should make you smile 🙂

Photo by: Andrew

For What Its Worth

Buggatis, Ferraris and other pimped up rides;

they take you places and they take you in style.

Gucci, Prada, Fendi & Armani;

they may make you think you look your best

when usually you are close to resembling a monkey.

Old Mr. Harry Winston-

he’s sure to gain you some fake friends

For the way he charges,

you’ve got to be filthy rich and at your mind’s end.

The infatuation never ceases and the greed never ends

They work so hard and they spend it all again

Loan after loan they are digging their own grave

You know my friend, for what its worth,

I’d rather be anyone but them.

Photo by: miong 

A Rough Guide Regarding Anger


We make such a huge deal of everything around us. The smallest of things upset us and almost everyone seems to be getting in our way. I also realized that the relationships we have with others, be it our friends, parents, siblings or maybe our significant other are more than often stressed.

After a lot of thinking and probably a little divine inspiration I have come to conclude that the problem is not others but ourselves. If we ever took the time to look at a situation from someone else’s point of view, we would probably be able to realize that anger and frustration are not always necessary to express ourselves.

So, before you let your tongue lose, remember:

  • There are two sides to every story.
  • And its not necessary that only one of them can be right
  • Decide what is more important: the relationship or being right
  • Will it all even matter a few weeks or months from now?
  • If your answer is no, then why waste your time and energy

And did you know that apart from arguing there are many other options?

  • Admitting your mistake
  • Compromising
  • Taking timeout to coolly analyze the situation
  • Or by staying true to yourself but at the same time admitting that the other person has a valid point.

Life really doesn’t have to be about exploding everytime someone says or does something you don’t approve of. Rather life is all about learning and understanding why people do the things they do.

This post has been inspired by Marc and Angel Hack Life.