6 Things I Learnt From Football


  • It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

We give up a little too easily sometimes, but after seeing teams win games in those dying moments, seconds before the final whistle, when all hope has almost vanished; I changed the way I perceived these kind of situations. I learnt to keep going till the very end, even if it all looks hopeless and not worth the trouble.

  • In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are. -Arnold H.

How true! We all want something in life, however; we do not know where to look for it. But like the goalposts, the things we want have always been there waiting for us at the end of the road (or rather the field); its all about reaching there. We just need to get rid of all the obstacles in our way, focus and find our target. Cause if we don’t, we could probably go on all day shooting off-target, into the crowd and sometimes maybe into our own goal which would end up being just plain disastrous.

  • Faith is something they made me believe in

When it came to faith (whether it was self-belief or faith in God), I always had my doubts. And being a student of Philosophy I analyzed every situation that came my way. But sometimes when I look at players, their faith and the way they overcame obstacles and have gone on to achieve things, sometimes you just can’t help but believe that some abstract powerful force does exist. I’m not saying it wasn’t their hard work that got them to where they are but you can’t ignore the fact that it was part of their belief that led them on.

  • Practice makes perfect

Hard work always pays off. I’ve seen so many players who master the art of taking free-kicks, goalkeepers who end up making some out-of-the-world saves and defenders who never let a ball get past them. None of them were born this way. Maybe they did have talent but they definitely did not have this kind of skill. They all achieved their skill through practice and so must we.

  • There is so much more left to experience

I mean that! Every time I watch FIFA Mundial I learn about a new place, a new culture and a new story. It fascinates me how huge this planet is and though a person may go on a world tour there is so much more they yet haven’t discovered. It could range from anything like life-lessons to creepy crawly insects to maybe even a new friend.

  • You are only as good as you think you are

So how exactly do some small teams manage to pull through Survival Sunday by winning against their opponents who in some cases are the big boys of football? Why does it become difficult to play these tiny clubs when it comes to a final but otherwise so easy to defeat them? It all depends on your mentality. When it comes to extreme cases we end up with a different mentality rather than on a normal day. These small clubs usually end up with a mentality which screams ‘you can do it, give it your best shot!’ rather than ‘they are too big for us’. So the next time you are heading in for something big, CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE!


  • Some women know their football better than most men

It’s amazing how guys keep complementing me on how well I know the game. And what is even more interesting is how I meet so many men who find it difficult to tell the difference between a club and an international fixture. No, I’m not mocking them. All that I am saying is that there are women who really do know their job in a male dominated industry, so do not underestimate their worth.